Grades 4-6 Program

Classes are held at Karingal Primary School Mallum Avenue Frankston.

9.30am to 11.30am Saturday mornings during the school term

This program is for children in grades 4-6. Your child will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and to play with other children in an ensemble. The programme is designed so that all students gain a sense of enjoyment and achievement.

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Instrumental Beginnings

Students will learn to perform on one instrument, either flute, clarinet, violin, cello, trumpet or trombone. A fun based instrumental program which aims to teach students to play independently and tunefully. Students will learn how to perform from music notation as well as developing the ability to play through imitation and sight reading. The students will be required to practice their instrument at home to further enhance the development of their musical skills.

Let’s Explore Music

In a similar way that children learn to speak before reading and writing, children will now learn to write music. They will learn the rhythms, pitches, meter, form and other musical elements. As well as notation this class will perform on percussion instruments and be involved in improvisation and composition.


Being a musician means playing individually, and playing with others. Students will come together in a small group to learn how to follow a conductor, to listen to others whilst playing, to be flexible, to learn teamwork and persistence.


First Child $155

Second and subsequent children of family $135

This includes instrument hire (subject to availability)

Annual Administration Fee $25 per family

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To enrol now please contact Antoinette Seal on 03 5975 8841
or E-mail: [email protected]